International Survivor of Suicide Loss Day–Saturday, November 19th

Saturday November 19th is International Survivor of Suicide Loss Day. In recognition of this important day 360 North will broadcast, “Understanding Grief and Loss After Suicide with Dr. Bob Baugher, Ph.D.” Dr. Bob Baugher is an internationally recognized suicide prevention expert and this is an excellent locally filmed presentation. Broadcast times are Sunday 11/20/16 10:59 AM and Monday 11/21/16 at 8:59 PM.
Additionally, 360 North has created a suicide prevention page!  You can now watch this presentation anytime! This new page contains, “Understanding Grief and Loss After Suicide” as well links to resources and another excellent presentation from Dr. Baugher, “Suicide Intervention and Prevention.” The JSPC is grateful for all of KTOO and 360 North’s contributions to our community and the state.  Thank you!

More Child Suicides Are Linked to A.D.D. Than Depression, Study Suggests

Attention deficit disorder is the most common mental health diagnosis among children under 12 who die by suicide, a new study has found.

Very few children aged 5 to 11 take their own lives, and little is known about these deaths. The new study, which included deaths in 17 states from 2003 to 2012, compared 87 children aged 5 to 11 who committed suicide with 606 adolescents aged 12 to 14 who did, to see how they differed.

The research was published on Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

About a third of the children of each group had a known mental health problem. The very young who died by suicide were most likely to have had attention deficit disorder, or A.D.D., with or without accompanying hyperactivity. READ MORE…

6 Myths About Suicide That Every Educator And Parent Should Know

As we’ve reported all week, schools play a key role, along with parents and medical professionals, in identifying children who may be at risk of suicide. And one of the biggest challenges: myths that can cloud their judgment.

“People are afraid of the whole topic,” says David Jobes, the head of Catholic University’s Suicide Prevention Lab. “It just feels like something that’s left unsaid or untouched.”

Jobes says one of the most common — and most dangerous — myths about suicide is that young children just don’t kill themselves. Read More

The Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition Observes International Suicide Prevention Week!

The Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition Observes International Suicide Prevention Week!

The Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition is grateful to Juneau Parks and Recreation as well as 360 North for their collaboration in helping the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition (JSPC) observe International Suicide Prevention Day.

International Suicide Prevention Week is September 5th through September 11th. International Suicide Prevention Day is September 10th.

Throughout International Suicide Prevention Week, 360 North will air Dr. Bob Baugher’s presentation, “Understanding the Suicidal Person.” Dr. Bob Baugher is an Instructor at Highline Community College, in Des Moines, Washington. He teaches courses in Psychology, Suicide Intervention, and Death Education. He has worked with the Washington State Youth Suicide Prevention Program.  This presentation was filmed in Juneau on September, 2010. To view online click here: Dates and times for 360 North’s television broadcast of “Understanding the Suicidal Person” are listed below.

Mon      09/05/16              10 PM

Tue        09/06/16              1 AM

Tue        09/06/16              4 AM

Tue        09/06/16              7 AM

Tue        09/06/16              1 PM

Fri           09/09/16              8 AM

Fri           09/09/16              2 PM

Sat          09/10/16              2 AM

Sat          09/10/16              5 AM

Sat          09/10/16              3 PM

Sun        09/11/16              2 PM

Sun        09/11/16              9 PM

Stay tuned for information on Suicide Survivors Day and the airing of the second half of Dr. Baugher’s presentation which focuses on recovery from grief and loss.

On September, 10th International Suicide Prevention Day, the JSPC will have suicide prevention material at various of Juneau Parks and Recreation Play Day locations.
Play Day is a phenomenal local event sponsored by Juneau Parks and Recreation. At Zach Gordon, from 11 to 1 p.m. for example, there will be suicide prevention materials, a hot dog lunch, a demonstration from the Juneau Roller Girls and Climbing wall activities. Stay tuned for more information on Play Day events and locations.

Suicide Prevention in College: A Valuable Resource Guide on Emergency Assistance, Warning Signs & Prevention of Suicide in College Students

Suicide is a complex public health issue with several causes, including psychiatric illnesses that may have not been recognized or treated. Substance abuse and mental disorders account for approximately 90 percent of those who have died by suicide, but these illnesses are treatable and people suffering from them do get better. Many treatment options are available, and there have been several recent advances in treating and understanding suicide. This guide was designed to offer hope and help for those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, as well as the friends and family who want so badly to help them. Read More…