Survey, conference aims to help Juneau residents find causes of disease, illness

A negative experience as a child can have a big impact on a person’s health, and the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition wants to begin figuring how those experiences are affecting the people of Juneau — and spreading the word about the link in the first place.
“The ACEs study seems to be well-known within specific communities (like behavioral health) but broadly, in the community, it’s not well known,” said Hilary Young, Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator for Juneau Youth Services and JSPC.[..]
Many people may not have even spoken about negative experiences they had early on in life — but healing can start even just with the survey, said coalition member and retired state health planner and epidemiologist Alice Rarig.
“We find that just bringing it up, just showing that you care whether (a person has had) these experiences begins the recovery process,” Rarig said. “It helps people to acknowledge what they’ve been through. Sometimes they’ve never acknowledged it at all.” […]
Anyone can take the survey at It’s anonymous, though they do ask for a person’s sex and age range (they’d like to get a range of people representative of the community.) It’ll be available until the end of May, Young said. Read More…