International Survivor of Suicide Loss Day–Saturday, November 19th

Saturday November 19th is International Survivor of Suicide Loss Day. In recognition of this important day 360 North will broadcast, “Understanding Grief and Loss After Suicide with Dr. Bob Baugher, Ph.D.” Dr. Bob Baugher is an internationally recognized suicide prevention expert and this is an excellent locally filmed presentation. Broadcast times are Sunday 11/20/16 10:59 AM and Monday 11/21/16 at 8:59 PM.
Additionally, 360 North has created a suicide prevention page!  You can now watch this presentation anytime! This new page contains, “Understanding Grief and Loss After Suicide” as well links to resources and another excellent presentation from Dr. Baugher, “Suicide Intervention and Prevention.” The JSPC is grateful for all of KTOO and 360 North’s contributions to our community and the state.  Thank you!