FUNERAL SERVICES Funeral Directors serve as a vital line of first response to those impacted by the profound effects of a loss.  They play a vital role in providing assistance and support to the family who has lost a loved one. 

Alaskan Memorial Park and Mortuary

3839 Riverside Drive


Director:  Darlene Matheis

POLICE INVESTIGATION The Juneau Police Department is often times the first organization notified of a death.  When a call comes into the JPD, officers are dispatched to the location to investigate.  JPD has to collect information and identify witnesses. This may include: interviewing family members, taking pictures, reviewing social media accounts and recording critical data.  This is a procedural process that occurs after each death.  

Juneau Police Department:

6255 Alaway Avenue


Attn: Jeremy Weske

JUNEAU POSTVENTION COMMITTEE:  The Postvention Committee is made up of 12 individuals who are trained to respond after a death by suicide.  The Postvention Committee gathers to identify those affected and to create a plan to help everyone involved.  JSPC is available to answer questions and to offer support.

Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition

2075 Jordan Avenue


COMMUNITY FAITH OUTREACH:  The faith community recognizes that a sudden loss is a traumatic event for the family.  Devout leaders in Juneau can effectively respond to survivors and help them to plan memorials, arrange services and locate resources while offering great comfort for healing

Northern Light United Church

400 West 11th Street


Attn: Faith McClellan


J & J Cleaning, LLC


Attn: Jennifer Katzeek